About the magazine

IMH and our editorial content originate from the true interests of our readers. Furnishings, interior design and fashion. Garden, outdoor furniture but also travelling, well-tasting food, technology, health and environment.

During a year of publication we aim to create different themes. Kitchen, bathroom and garden. In addition to that, we include ”expert themes” where we provide our readers with editorial content in collaboration with our partners. ”All about windows”, ”All about floor”, ”All about color and wallpaper”. These editorial articles are extended into our digital and social media channels. As a partner to us, you will be given extra content in terms of images and articles/links.

Edition print

IMH have an edition of 69.107 examples and is distributed directly home to the mailbox of our selected readers living in Sweden’s most prosperous residential areas. These suburbs have the highest assess value in the metropolitan areas of Sweden.

IMH is an periodical magazine and even though the mailbox has a ”no advertising please”, it will be delivered.


Louise Yourstone Tegborg